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We can help you meet the new Baltimore County Landlord Rental House Inspection and registration requirements for rental property inspections, quickly & easily.  Our service is designed to make the rental property inspection process convenient for you, the property owner! Everything you need is right here.

In order to avoid a fine up to $1000.00, your Baltimore County, Maryland rental house unit must be inspected, registered and licensed. The new regulations for 2010 also include carbon monoxide alarms (see below) .

"All buildings or a portion of a building that contain one to six dwelling units intended or designated as rental units must register and be licensed with Baltimore County on or before January 1, 2009." (Baltimore County Bill 87-07)

Follow these 3 EZ Steps to license your rental property:

1.  The paperwork you need to complete

To make it easy we have provided a link for all the forms you will need. For your convenience these forms can be filled in and printed using your computer, or printed and completed by hand.

New 2011 Updates: 

The following must be returned together (signatures must be original IN BLUE ink):

  • A Completed application with all information printed, typed, checked, or circled as appropriate.
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm Verification
  • Applicable lead inspection certificate (see page 2 of application).
  • Completed rental license inspection sheet (completed by licensed home inspector) or “Registration Exemption Affidavit.” (No fee is required for an exemption affidavit.)
  • Payment payable to “Baltimore County, Maryland” attached to payment coupon.

Baltimore County Forms:

  ·Rental Housing Application - This form includes all the costs and information you will need to register your property with Baltimore County.    
  ·Exemptions -Your property may be Exempt from Baltimore County rental registration.    

  ·Lead Inspection - The state of Maryland may require your property to have a lead inspection.  
To determine if you need a lead inspection click on the box that applies:
  Yes we do Lead Inspections: This important information can help make your lead inspection quick, easy and avoid the need for retesting. These few simple steps will help you prepare for successful lead test results.    
  ·Payment Coupon - You will need this form to send with your check to Baltimore County when your inspection is complete to be sure you get proper credit.     
  ·Inspection Sheet - This is the form we will use to complete your rental property inspection.  See below for step 2: What we inspect.    

New Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements:

Effective February 13, 2010, Baltimore County requires rental property owners to install carbon monoxide alarms in all units heated by fuel-burning equipment, as well as dwellings attached to an enclosed parking area. Please be sure to use the new verification form included below (7/10/2010).

Landlords have eight months (October 13, 2010) to install carbon monoxide alarms which make a distinct audible sound before the colorless, odorless gas reaches unsafe levels.

2.  Be prepared... know what we inspect

The Baltimore County Inspection sheet shows the 7areas your property must pass. Understanding these requirements in advance will help you avoid the extra time and cost of a re-inspection.

1. SMOKE DETECTORS: The presence of a hardwired and battery backed interconnected smoke detector that is operational. (Wireless interconnected smoke detectors that meet these requirements are available at most hardware stores.) Different configurations are required depending on the number of units within the building.
Click on the box that best describes your property
2. ELECTRICAL WIRES:  Electrical wires may not be visible in living areas.
3. WATER: There must be hot and cold running water in both the kitchen and bathroom, with no leaks below the sink area, and the toilet must flush.
4. BASEMENT SLEEPING AREAS: If there is a sleeping area in the basement there must be a secondary means of escape as follows at least one basement window with a minimum 5.5 foot opening and a sill height of 44 inches or less from the floor, OR a basement door with a thumb turn dead bolt.
5. FURNACE:  The furnace must be either operational, or because of outside temperatures it is unable to be tested.
6. STAIR RAILINGS:  A railing must be present for interior and exterior steps with more than 3 risers.
7. OTHER CONCERNS:  Finally, the inspection sheet allows our inspector to note any other readily observable problems that, in the inspector’s opinion, represent an immediate threat to the health or safety of an occupant.

3. Don't Wait... Do it Now!    Call: 410-453-0707

A Residential Rental Inspection is ONLY $140. for the first unit. We offer discounts for additional units and multiple properties. Please give us a call we will make this easy, convenient and uncomplicated!

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